The difference between thinking and doing.



Chicken Project

In the spring of 2016 Tumaini Volunteers Inc. completed the renovation of the chicken coop at the SIDP Camp at Maai Mahiu, Kenya.  Nearly all of the 300 students attending the school need sponsorship, as their families cannot afford to send them to school. The school also struggles to pay the teachers a stable salary.

Project Goals

  • See an increase in egg production
  • Sell eggs to local store

  • Increase chicken production

  • Sell meat to local butcher

  • Educate caretaker on chicken production

  • Supply income to the caretaker

  • Educate students about sustainability

Field Work

  • Rebuilt chicken coop at school
  • Rebuilt and increased amount of cages

  • Dismantled existing cages and sanitized coop
  • Purchased 200 fertilized eggs
  • Purchased vaccinations for chickens
  • Purchased hydroponic system and barley seeds to feed chickens
  • Purchased and installed incubator for eggs and generator for backup electricity.

Even the smallest gestures make all the difference.

rabbit project.JPG

Rabbit Project

Project Goals

  • Birth between 5 and 8 offspring three to five times per year per initial doe.

  • Sell back offspring for profit.

  • Keep several offspring to increase size of production.

  • Collect and sell both urine and droppings.

  • Sell hides to local store.

Field Work

  • Built rabbit hutches to house 36 rabbit families.

  • Purchased 30 pregnant does, 6 bucks.

  • Acquired initial food, supplements, and bedding.

  • Provided training for staff living at the SIDP to maintain the project.

  • Educated school children on importance of eating right.  


SIDP Camp Project Area