'A self sufficient world for future generations.'

- Tumaini Volunteers Inc.



Who Are We?

Tumaini Volunteers Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that believes that sustainable development is necessary to alleviate poverty in developing countries. Guiding an impoverished population to become self sufficient provides hope and sets the ground work for future generations.   

Our mission is to provide motivated locals in Kenya, Africa with the resources to start small businesses that will benefit the community. Tumaini Volunteers reaches the residents first hand to teach them about the products and the socioeconomic benefits the business will provide their family, friends, and neighbors.

Company Principles

No one should be discriminated against due to their race, sex, religion, lifestyle, political beliefs or where they live.


has the right to lead a productive life.


has the right to an education.

No one

should have to live in fear.

no one

should have to live in poverty.



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